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“A Common Vision for Prosperity in Downtown Frederick”


What are the committees?

There are committees for the Ambassador Program, Environment Design & Programming, Security & Enforcement, Services & Coordination, and Public Messaging. There is also a steering committee including a chair of each of the committees.

Click here for more information about each committee.

Who is funding/leading this project? What is the role between the City and the Ausherman Family Foundation?

In response to concerns expressed by community stakeholders regarding the safety and vibrancy of downtown Frederick, the Downtown Safety & Services Initiative was born. It was conceived as a community initiative facilitated by the Ausherman Family Foundation to address these issues and has a strong commitment from the Mayor’s office. The Initiative has significant support from the following:

  • Human service providers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Faith community members
  • The Frederick Police Department
  • Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Government entities
Frederick already provides so many services to the needy. Why do we keep providing more and more? Shouldn’t we be providing less if we’re successful?

It is not that we are providing more services, we are here to ask the question if what we are doing is the best recipe. We want to make sure our resources are being used efficiently, human service providers are coordinating adequately and if there is room for improvement. Improvement does not mean more.

Why is this project starting now?
Now is the perfect time to launch this project. Frederick’s population is steadily increasing, and that calls for improved infrastructure and additional resources, even as restaurants and retail shops continue to expand. On a parallel path, social services will widen their net to ensure all residents are not only treated with respect, but that improving ways to assist those in need, will result in a healthy and safer downtown. That is also vital for tourism, which is our growth industry. Currently, Frederick is receiving $1M per day in tourism dollars. Staying in front of that with the programs that we’re proposing is critical.
As a taxpayer, what if I disagree with this project's proposed solutions?

One of the best parts of the Initiative is the conscious design to provide a way to provide input and feedback through public meetings and online. We encourage everyone to participate, if they agree or disagree. We want to hear from everyone, this a community project.
Great communities like Frederick don’t just happen, they require civic input and we invite you to participate in this process.

Why are people still panhandling? Can you address this?

They are panhandling because they are successful in doing so. By redirecting them to services that can help them, the Initiative will become a part of their solution.

How will you identify people as "homeless” vs. loitering?

That’s not the purpose of the Initiative to identify a person as homeless or just loitering. It is the purpose of the Initiative to help ensure people that need services and support can receive it.

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