Frederick DSSI


“A Common Vision for Prosperity in Downtown Frederick”

Organizational Structure

In response to concerns expressed by community stakeholders regarding the safety and vibrancy of downtown Frederick, DSSI was born. It was conceived as a community initiative facilitated by the Ausherman Family Foundation to address these issues.DSSI has a strong commitment from the Mayor’s office and will be co-led by Peter Couchman (AFF) and Gayon Sampson (Mayor’s Office). DSSI has significant support from the following:

  • Human service providers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Faith community members
  • The Frederick Police Department
  • Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Government entities

The structure of the initiative includes five committees, each dedicated to making Frederick a safe and compassionate place to live, work and play.

DSSI Committees


Environmental Design & Programming Examine policing through environmental design and investigate park activation and programming as positive deterrents to undesirable behaviors


Services & Coordination—Analyze the current human services being provided, the needs of the population, and the coordination of programs; investigate options for providing and increasing accessibility of services


Ambassador Program—Investigate outside ambassador programs that can augment the City’s efforts in city beautification, security presence, human services outreach, and visitor hospitality


Public Messaging—Deter both panhandling and giving to panhandlers; educate the community on the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness, addiction and mental health issues


Security & Enforcement—Evaluate existing law enforcement conditions and recommend legislative changes; establish a network of private and public security cameras that can be connected to the Frederick Police system

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